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DynaCon conveyor.

Success Stories

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Sharp Packaging of Sussex, WI, who manufactures bagging machinery for a wide range of industrial industries in the retail, medical, hobby, electronic and automotive markets, needed a conveyor system that gives its customers the ability to change the configuration. Tom Taylor, Director of Machinery, explained that his customers may need to lengthen or shorten the conveyor because of space restrictions within the facility. For instance, sometimes something may be temporarily placed in the same area as the conveyor, or they might have to go over, under or around an obstacle (temporary or otherwise).


The DynaCon reconfigurable conveyor system can be reconfigured easily to meet the needs of Sharp Packaging customers without any significant downtime or expenses. If the conveyor system needs to travel uphill or downhill or around obstacles, the necessary snap-in-place modules and accessories are available overnight from Dynamic Conveyor.


Sharp Packaging is able to supply its customers with a reconfigurable DynaCon conveyor system that allows its customers the ability to change the length of their conveyors. Some of Sharps customers are able to make the conveyor longer, while others are able to make it shorter, depending on their individual needs.